Monday, May 21, 2007

Mercy Like The Rain

Mercy like the rain is falling down
Mercy like the rain is falling down
Can you feel the rain is falling down, falling down?
Mercy like the angels in the rain
Mercy like the sun, the moon, the stars
Blossoming flowers, bearing fruits
Showing us the greatness of Allah

Mercy like the faith that shines within us
Mercy like the prayers that Allah answers
How it gives purpose to our lives
Helping us strive for paradise

Mercy like the smile for one another
Mercy like the kindness for each other
O how it takes sadness from our hearts
Spreading God's love throughout the world

Mercy like the Messenger of Allah
Mercy like the Qur'an from Allah
Truthful, generous, wise and kind
Bringing Allah's words to mankind

by: shaam

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